Wow I Can’t Believe It Has Been 5 Days Since My Last Post!

This week has literally flown by! I just love the sunshine and the warm sun with just enough wind to make it not too hot and not too cold! It makes all the yard work I have been doing and makes it such a joy!

One thing I am so excited about is, I am finally getting a Sunday School Room for my kiddos! Of course anyone who has started anything from scratch, you know it takes a lot of work and money, so my house has been turned into No-Bake Cookie central. So my Sunday School kids and I have been selling door to door and did one craft fair so far. The next step is to do the farmers market 2 times a week.

So far we have enough money to paint to room some fun colors, I can’t stand an boring, uninviting Sunday School Room. And we have been amazingly blessed buy Teresa Bohannon and her awesome puppet shop!! If you ever need beautiful, quality puppets of you NEED to visit her Puppet Shop: Puppet Shoppe!!!!!! She is, no Joke, amazing!!

The most awesome puppet shop ever!!!
The most awesome puppet shop ever!!!

So after the paint we will be building a portable puppet stand and do, what I have named “Puppets in the Park!” I am super excited about it!! I wish I could get it all done yesterday, but even baby steps means you are going forward!

Then there is getting everything ready for our move, which we are hoping will happen before Winter sets in. The garden is already almost finished. When I get my new phone in the mail on Monday or Tuesday I will be posting pictures of it, it is just a little one this year but next year it will be much bigger! I’m just excited to have any kind of garden at all this year.

So much is going on this summer I can’t wait to share it all with you!!!

God Bless,

Jacque Heaton

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