Crowdtap = Free, Awesome stuff = A Litter Genie

Last week we came home to a medium size box on our front porch. Instantly my 2 boys were fighting over the boxes. Much to my surprise (as I had forgotten all about it) I received a Litter Genie! It is basically a Dipper Genie only for litter. The best part about it, My 6 year old has become oddly attached to it, so he has been the one doing all the scoping.

But really, this is a great product that I would seriously recommend it to anyone who has cats. It makes cleaning the litter box much less of a chore as you can wait till fills and throw it all away at one time. It is also a good quality product that seems as if it will last a long time.


I am one happy cat owner!

God bless,

Jacque Heaton


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