Under Construction!


I’m sure most of you have not noticed, but I have done the first upgrade to the blog…meaning instead of homeoftheheatons.wordpress.com, it is now just homeoftheheatons.com. Which means I got a lot of switcharooin to do! And since I am relatively new to WordPress, I have also been trying to study up on ways to make this blog much easier for both you and I.

One of the things I just learned tonight is how to insert a signature! Thank you so much Color Me Meg! (click here for her tutorial)

In a way all the changes seem to be following with the season. This is my last week of summer brake before my online college courses start back up and two weeks after that Quinton’s school books should be arriving, and this morning I found sitting there, thinking…”Where did the summer go?”..and..”Did I get enough done? Did I waist the summer away?” Then I snap back to reality and realize summer went so fast because we were constantly on the go.

I asked Quinton if he thought he had a good enough summer. And in his six year old “matter of fact” voice he tells me, “Um Mom, you do realize that I got to go fishing and swimming, and play with friends all day. And don’t forget that I got to play with all my cousins too. Oh and have a bunch of sleep overs! So what do you think?…..I HAD AN AWESOME SUMMER!!” and gives me a great big hug. It’s one of those “parent moments” when all worry melts away and you realize, “Hey, I got this!”

Well, with that my friends, I am off to the land of nod! It is 1:05 am and I have an early doctor’s appointment.

Good night and God bless,

Jacque Heaton



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