Goodbye My Good Friend!

Goodbye Coffee,

I am so sad and yet so happy, I have had to say goodbye to coffee. Coffee and I have best of buddies for many years. After my ER visit I couldn’t drink coffee for 48 hours, of course I went through the withdrawals, headaches, sweets, and extreme irritation. But I did it and then I noticed that my shakes were gone. I had thought that it was a side effect to one of my medications and just dealt with it.

Goodbye Coffee

Then after 8 days of no coffee I made a pot of it and had only one cup, and guess what came back…the shakes! So since then I have not had a single cup of coffee and my shakes are gone and haven’t come back since. With much sadness in saying goodbye to such a wonderful and long loved friend, I must say good bye for now. Hopefully we will be reunited a gain some day. Meanwhile I am going to try decaf and see how my body reacts to that.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week and please do me a favor: drink a nice strong cup of coffee for me!

God Bless,

Jacque Heaton

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