The Blessing of a Pulpit!

Hi all!

So we have started moving in to the basement apartment of the church! I is in need of some cleaning, painting and a couple other TLC projects. My boys are SO excited about it! And OH MY WORD I love living in Emmett! Our community has been so wonderful and supportive both of the history of the 108 year old building, and our church.

blessing of a pulpit

We had posted that we were in need of items to have a yard sale and items for our church (since we are starting from scratch). The out poring of items from people has at times brought me to tears! We are amazingly blessed!!! We have a lot of our personal items that we will be using to fill parts of the blank walls.


One of the biggest things we are needing, is some curb appeal, which once again God stepped in. We have a local landscaping company willing to be a blessing to us. I can’t wait for spring!!

NW Landscabe

Then now let’s get back to the title, ‘The Blessing of a Pulpit!’  Again, another blessing!! We had 4 mahogany pillars 2 shorter and 2 taller, perfect for the pulpit. Here are the pillars we have (they are laying on the ground which is why they look sideways)


Here is a mock up of what it is starting to look like (they are going to have to shorten the 2 taller columns just a smidge)

1797564_766244040109597_8311065981783749633_nLastly, here are the drawings my husband drew of what the final project will look like (Top looking down, the front and from the side):

1544322_766244023442932_2163071711586676009_nWe are over the moon excited!! Our hearts cannot be anymore full of gratitude towards our community, friends, and God!

If you would like to make a donation to The Word Church just click the link below to our Go Fund Me account:


Thank you all and I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

God bless,

Jacque Heaton

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