Meet the Heaton’s

Hi all, and welcome to our Meet the Heaton’s page.

We are a fun loving family of four, my husband Dennis, Jacque (myself ) and our two boys Quinton age 7 and Jasper age 3.



I am Jacque, and this is my blog about my life, family, health, crafting, money saving and natural living.

I am a pastor’s wife, mom, student at Liberty University Online where I am earning my Associates in Accounting. I am the Church Secretary, a Sunday School teacher. I home school my oldest and chase after my youngest.  I am also a couponer, crafter, excellent Dr. Seuss reader, and soon to be a home owner of a wonderful old fixer upper!

Another part of my life is living with IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. While I was pregnant with my son Jasper, I had miscarried his twin causing a very difficult pregnancy resulting in a beautiful, wild, crazy and lovable little red head and IBS. I love finding and creating new low-FODMAP meals.


Here is my hansom hubby, Dennis. He is one of the most loving, kind, patient, funny and caring men I have ever met. I am honored to call him my best friend, father of my boys and spouse. He has been the pastor of our church since November 2014. Which is a calling he has had on his life since the young age of 12. He began studying to become a minister at the age of 16 and has played many rolls in church such as: youth preacher, Sunday school teacher, song leader, head usher, and church construction.

My two miracle boys. Doctors had told us we should not have been able to have had them, they are two of the biggest blessings we could have ever received! Some days I have to remind myself of that, but they are such loving, caring, funny, rambunctious and entertaining boys that I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Here is our church building. It is a beautiful historical church built in 1909.

Our lives are a bit crazy, busy, fun and full of a whole lot of love!

God Bless!

Jacque Heaton


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