My little Picasso!


I am so proud of both of my boys, as I am sure any mom is of their children, but this week my little Jasper has flourished with his art! Yesterday (Friday 04/17/15) it was all about the color crayons. He drew pictures of everyone he knows because, “They are all my Best friends Mommy and they all have to have a picture!” They had trees, flowers, straight hair, curly hair. He really did such a good job for being only 3 and tried so hard to personalize each person’s picture, that he was at it for hours. (Which all parents know for a toddler that is a bunch of being able to get a lot of stuff done time!)

He even asked me to take a picture of him and all of his art:


(Please don’t mind the mess, it was memory making time 🙂 ) And this wasn’t even all the pictures, I couldn’t get them all in the photo and I was told not to move a single one!

So today (Saturday 04/18/15) big brother got out his very special art kit for Jasper to use. Oh boy was little brother excited!! He got to color with something new, PASTELS!! Not only can you color with them, but you can smear and mix colors! He was in little artiest heaven, exploring all the different things he could do. Every time he figured out something new or finished a picture he would run to me and show me his masterpiece. Then with a huge grin ask me, “Do you love it Mommy?” to which I would reply, “Oh yes I do love it. Tell me about it.” He would go on and on about the picture, he had a real story behind each one and why he used curtain colors and lines. He wasn’t in a picture taking mood as, “This is very serious work,” so I had to sneak this picture in:


I am so excited that we have a book binder because I am going to start keeping books of their art work.

I need to get some pictures of Quinton at work with his art as I have been printing him out pages from an awesome website: Make and Takes (click for link). It has only been a week and he has caught fire with it.

Do you know of any good drawing sights for teaching children? Let me know so it can be shared with others!

God bless,

Jacque Heaton

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